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Your official source for Rhymesayers radio shows and MP3s. As of July 20th, 2013, RSE Radio has ended. THANK YOU for listening and for your support for over a decade.

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RSE Radio 04.20.2013

Rhymesayers Weekly Radio Show
Host: Zeke
DJ: Jimmy 2 Times

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RSE Radio 12.01.2012

Rhymesayers Weekly Radio Show
Host: Siddiq
DJ: J Love The Soundsmith

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Grieves - Bloody Poetry (Acoustic Remix ft. Jonathan Olivares)

Plugging away at the new album Grieves found some spare time to sit down with Warped Tour comrade Jonathan Olivares and do an acoustic cover to his song “Bloody Poetry”. The mood is mellow and the key varies a bit from the original but it came together quite nicely. Pour yourself a whiskey (or apple juice), relax, and enjoy! Make sure you stay tuned for updates on the NEW music coming soon.

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Aesop Rock - "Zero Dark Thirty"

The first official single off of Skelethon, dropping July 10th, 2012 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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